fast, flexible & sustainable

next gen development & production

In the age of consumerism, brands are faced with the dilemma of maintaining ggressive growth targets while managing concerns over the subsequent social and environmental strain that growth implies. Technology is helping many brands push the limits of what is possible by enabling ways to design for speed and sustainability concurrently through initiatives like digital prototyping and 3D printing. In this panel we uncover how technology is blurring the line between sustainable and economical.

Wendy Waugh - SVP Sustainability, Innovation & Fabric Procurement at Theory
Gihan Amarasiriwardena - Co-Founder & President at Ministry of Supply
Hilary Fischer-Groban - VP of Innovation, Development & Culture at ABC Carpet & Home
Charlie Merrow - CEO at Merrow Manufacturing & Merrow Sewing Machine Company

Bethany Patten - Associate Director, Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan