disrupt yourself

innovation labs / co-creation

How do you plan for disruption? How do you ensure that you are the disruptor and not the disruptee? In the past decade the Retail and CG industries have been rocked by a series of massive shifts, from power shifting to the consumer to the fall of the modern shopping mall. The key to survival is to learn how to go from be surprised by trends, to getting ahead and riding the wave of disruption. In this panel we explore how brands are changing the way they think, design, develop and go to market through the use of innovation labs, internal incubators and cross collaboration both inside and outside of the industry.

Shayna Harris - Chief Operations Officer at Farmer's Fridge
Yasmine Zdencaj - Vicepresident, Retail at OneMarket
Pano Anthos - Managing Director at XRC
Dana Randall - Head of Global Innovation at Tapestry

Lee Moreau (Moderator) - VP of Design at Continuum

Beyond the #hashtag

Evolution of the Customer

From advanced consumer analytics to Instagram influencers, technology is reshaping the way that brands think about customer engagement and redefining the path to purchase. In this panel we explore both the new avenues opened up on the customer journey and the challenges and threats in today’s digital world.

Alexis Caldwell - Director of Affiliate Marketing at Reward Style
Nathan Isaacson - Global Ecommerce Senior Manager at New Balance
Katie Bach - Director of Global Strategy at Starbucks
Brooke Hartmann - Chief Product Officer at Rent the Runway

Sean Spillane (Moderator) - Managing Director at Kurt Salmon

After the App

Technology Platform Frontier

Apps have radically changed the way that retailers and CG companies do business, from engage with the consumer to securing a purchase. As the app world has matured, companies are now thinking: what’s next? From virtual reality and digital stores to the relaunch of brick and mortar, in this panel we explore how technology is changing the concept of how and where we buy and who we buy with.

Maiken Moeller-Hansen - Product and Marketing Leader at Amazon
Jenni Samuels - VP Partnerships & Marketing at Oak Labs
Eric Shea - Managing Director at Kurt Salmon
Mike Festa - Director of Wayfair Next at Wayfair

Andrei Hagiu (Moderator) - Technological Innovation, Entrepeneurship & Strategic Management at MIT Sloan

Fast, Flexible & Sustainable

Next Gen Development & Production

In the age of consumerism, brands are faced with the dilemma of maintaining aggressive growth targets while managing concerns over the social and environmental strain that growth implies. Technology is helping many brands push the limits of what is possible by enabling ways to design for both speed and sustainability through initiatives like digital prototyping and 3D printing. In this panel we uncover how technology is blurring the line between sustainable and economical.

Wendy Waugh - SVP Sustainability, Innovation & Fabric Procurement at Theory
Gihan Amarasiriwardena - Co-Founder & President at Ministry of Supply
Hilary Fischer-Groban - VP of Innovation, Development & Culture at ABC Carpet & Home
Charlie Merrow -  CEO at Merrow Manufacturing & Merrow Sewing Machine Company

Bethany Patten (Moderator) - Associate Director, Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan