Less than ten years ago, it seemed inconceivable that consumers would buy a couch, bananas, or shoes sight unseen. Yet today, consumers motivated by convenience are purchasing these items online in droves. E-commerce companies are not just competing on faster delivery promises; they are also adopting solutions from at-home try-ons to augmented reality to enhanced mobile purchasing in order to drive profound convenience for the customer.

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PETE SANTORA is the Chief Commercial Officer at Softwear Automation. Pete Santora joined SoftWear Automation in 2015 during the Research and Development phase. Today he helps support customers globally in home good manufacturing and has begun the commercialization of the SEWBOT® apparel automation, starting with the Digital T-Shirt Workline. Pete brings 10 years experience in growing high tech teams and commercializing IP. He was an Entrepreneur in Residence and research faculty member at the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech, a Forbes "Top 10 Technology Incubator", where he mentored startup CEOs including SoftWear Automation. He is a former professional soccer player and serial entrepreneur.