Start-Up Expo

Our start-up expo will feature a variety of innovative technologies within the Retail and Consumer Goods spaces, including AR, the maker revolution, and blockchain’s possible implications.


Sick and tired of hearing about so many tragedies on the news, invisaWear's founders decided to invent a discreet device disguised as jewelry to protect their loved ones. With just two clicks, it instantly alerts 5 personal contacts and sends them your location. It can even contact 9-1-1.


Developed by MIT scientists, The Embr Wave delivers thermal comfort to improve your well-being with personalized waves of warmth or cold. Worn on the wrist like a watch, Embr Wave taps into your thermoreceptors to deliver soothing sensations to help you feel more comfortable and help to balance your nervous system.


Manual Outfitters

Manual Outfitters is shaking up the professional menswear space by reengineering your core office staples, using the highest quality performance fabrics available paired with proprietary designs that maximize comfort and versatility. We make business wear you’ll actually want to wear.


Janji is an apparel brand with the mission of creating paths to explore, connect and change the world through running. Each season we draw design inspiration from a running adventure in a different region of the world and 5% of all revenue gives back to support clean water programs in the places we run #runeverywhere


Atolla is an MIT startup that pinpoints the cause of a skin issue and provides consumers with a personalized solution to solve it. We understand skin from the inside out and make adaptive skincare by predicting what works. The way it works is we 1) help customers understand their skin with real data, 2) provide a customized skincare regimen, and 3) adapt their formulation based on how their skin changes using our proprietary machine-learning algorithm. After a successful pilot this summer in NYC, Atolla is launching its DTC offering, the Atolla Skincare System, in Q1 2019. The Atolla Skincare System is a monthly subscription that includes app-compatible tools for testing oil, moisture, and pH and a serum that is designed based off the prior month’s measurements.  


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