Start-Up Expo

Our start-up expo will feature a variety of innovative technologies within the Retail and Consumer Goods spaces, including AR, the maker revolution, and blockchain’s possible implications.


Sick and tired of hearing about so many tragedies on the news, invisaWear's founders decided to invent a discreet device disguised as jewelry to protect their loved ones. With just two clicks, it instantly alerts 5 personal contacts and sends them your location. It can even contact 9-1-1.


Developed by MIT scientists, The Embr Wave delivers thermal comfort to improve your well-being with personalized waves of warmth or cold. Worn on the wrist like a watch, Embr Wave taps into your thermoreceptors to deliver soothing sensations to help you feel more comfortable and help to balance your nervous system.


Manual Outfitters

Manual Outfitters is shaking up the professional menswear space by reengineering your core office staples, using the highest quality performance fabrics available paired with proprietary designs that maximize comfort and versatility. We make business wear you’ll actually want to wear.


Janji is an apparel brand with the mission of creating paths to explore, connect and change the world through running. Each season we draw design inspiration from a running adventure in a different region of the world and 5% of all revenue gives back to support clean water programs in the places we run #runeverywhere



RADAR is a proprietary hardware and software platform that combines RFID, computer vision and machine learning to automate inventory management, analytics, and checkout in physical stores. RADAR’s unprecedented ability to locate products quickly and accurately allows stores to:

  1. Manage inventory efficiently, through automated inventory counts, improved in-store replenishment, and instantaneous customer stock checks.

  2. Measure all customer-product interactions, giving physical stores the same insight into consumer behavior and product performance as online stores.

  3. Eliminate checkout lines altogether through their autonomous checkout tool.



Sourcemap is the supply chain transparency platform: one place for companies to discover their suppliers, trace their products down to the raw materials, and manage the financial, environmental, and social risks. Leading multinationals across the food, apparel, consumer goods and electronics industries use Sourcemap's enterprise solutions to manage their end-to-end supply chains. Developed at the MIT Media Lab, Sourcemap's stack is built on a powerful graph database that is capable of connecting hundreds of thousands of suppliers in real-time, and dynamic visualizations to make sense of the network from anywhere in the organization. Using a combination of cloud-based and mobile apps, Sourcemap's customers have discovered more than 50,000 factories and 250,000 farms in their supply chains. Many have also contributed to, the world's largest repository of public supply chain data, a way to build trust with customers and consumers through radical supply chain transparency. To find our more


Makomas uses genuinely healthy superfood ingredients like Baobab, Hibiscus and Moringa to create delicious natural juices and teas. In addition to making nutrient-rich beverages, Makomas is helping African farmers in Burkina Faso, West Africa to become economically self-sufficient. Makomas products have no added sugar, no artificial flavors and low calories.



LUMO’s vision is to be the leading company designing products to enhance the lives of the pets we love! LUMO's journey started, by asking pet owners where they felt there was a strong need for a better solution. Frankly, we were surprised with the most popular problem that was is need of solving...

Keeping shed hair under control, and not on ones clothing or sofa, while also maintaining the luster of a pet’s coat is HARD WORK and VERY TIME CONSUMING. Especially when there is not one single product, currently available, that is wholly effective. Pet parents waste a lot of money on grooming tools that either do not work well, or are poor quality and have to frequently be replaced. Some parents pay professional groomers to do the job instead, but the task is just as difficult for them.

Our first product is the RIDGEBACK, a revolutionary grooming tool! Come and check it out at the MIT Retail and Consumer Goods Conference - Startup Expo!

AFFOA Logo R.png


Our clothes help define us yet the fabrics we wear have remained functionally unchanged for thousands of years. Recent breakthroughs in fiber materials and manufacturing processes will soon allow us to design and wear fabrics that see, hear, sense, communicate, store and convert energy, regulate temperature, monitor health and change color — heralding the dawn of a “fabric revolution.” AFFOA will enable a domestic manufacturing-based revolution by transforming traditional fibers, yarns, and fabrics into highly sophisticated, integrated and networked products and systems.



Physical Gets Digital (Drive-to-engage and gamification platform): We convert static walls, glass, and displays into interactive, customizable digital experiences. We integrate physical spaces with online tools, metrics and mobile devices to create unique experiences you can track and measure for efficacy. Outernets brings targeted advertising to the physical world in the way Google did for targeted search ads. Our platform display content based on time of day, weather, number of viewers, peoples' ages and gender, and more.

Our technology is aimed to support retail, brands, advertising, and real estate. We offer our clients an incredibly attractive way to present their offerings, engage their customers and collect very valuable data that helps them to get to know their clients better, personalize their experiences and increase their conversion. 

We’re the only boundless platform to solve retail problems with creative applications of interactive content tailored to each consumer while giving retailers data to observe engagement, learn about their audience, and make continuous improvements.